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  • 1 January 1970


Gamistry's game Sticky wins #AppCircus Rotterdam

By Alex Kentie

Monday 3.27 PM. After sitting it out for at least two hours in the car, of which at least one was spent in a traffic jam very close to our destination, we finally arrive in the nick of time at “De Machinist” in Rotterdam. The city where apparently for some reason traffic lights never turn green.

A couple of days prior to this we were contacted by Peter de Jong from Codeglue with the question if we were interested in presenting our game in a three minute pitch at the AppCircus event in Rotterdam.

I’ll be honest. We had absolutely no clue what to expect, but decided this could be worth taking a look at as we are always interested in raising attention to our company and it’s games. We had just released our game Sticky on iOS and it was doing pretty well.

Soon after registering our company and our application Sticky at the AppCircus site we were mailed with the announcement of the nominees. Much to our surprise, Sticky was on the list. Sweet!

We were soon contacted and asked to create a presentation with a maximum of ten slides and provide some footage of our game and send it over to the organisation before the end of the week.

I quickly put together a presentation with some graphics that I thought would best explain our rather elaborate game within a three minutes time-span and sent it over as soon as it was done.

When we arrived at Rotterdam, and entered a room full of people. I started realising I was going to have to impress them, with what little time we were given. A pretty nifty challenge. And we at Gamistry are fond of challenges.

The first application to appear in front of everyone was of a group of people we’ve met before. GD08 games presented their game Folded Flyer which is going to be published by the same publisher we have: Chillingo.
After the presentation, jury of four professionals started asking numerous questions and seemed to be hard to impress.

Questions like “What are you doing for your marketing? How does your game interact with social media? How do you make sure your game stays alive after you’ve released it?” were not uncommon.

Then it was our turn and I can tell you three minutes are over before you even realise it. I didn’t even have time to show off our cool video footage. The jury asked the same sharp questions and I found myself to be able to answer them without too many problems. Our game was already out for two months so we already had some figures of how Sticky was doing in the charts. This seemed to help.

I was a bit disappointed I didn’t get to show our video, but it taught me that I have to get to my point a bit faster in the future.

A lot of applications that were presented that day seemed to be involved with games in one way or another. It was very fun and inspiring to see what is being created by others at the moment.

After all the presentations we were asked to go downstairs to the bar where we were given the opportunity to do a little networking while the jury would be deciding on who was going to win. We met several great people that were all involved in creating games or applications on different platforms.

After thirty minutes of eating “bitterballen” with mustard (a typical Dutch delight) and sharing some pretty cool ideas on game development for mobile with other participants, the jury came downstairs and had two announcements to make. The winners and an honorable mention.

The honourable mention went to “Mary and her lamb”, a game for children growing up.
And much to our surprise we got to be the winners of the first Dutch AppCircus 2011.

So if we take it from the top, this event came as a surprise and it ended as a surprise. One that we are very glad to have been part of.


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