• Newest game out on IOS! SCRAP TANK! Get it here

  • Munch Time 1.2 now available for iOS and Android.

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  • 1 January 1970


OUT NOW - Scrap Tank on IOS!

We’re proud to announce our newest IOS game Scrap Tank!

Get it here


Munch Time 1.1 out now!

Munch Time 1.1 is now availible. Update your app and get ready for 21 new levels with a new gameplay feature.

Also, check out our Munch Time Official Website!


We are back!

As you can see, we are now back online. Due to overwhelming traffic we had to upgrade our systems. If you had sent us a mail while we were down, we may not have received it. If we did not reply to you yet, please feel free to contact us again.


Munch Time finally hits the Appstore!

We’re extremely proud and excited to announce the release of our newest game:
Munch Time!

You can buy the game on iTunes, get it here!

We are happy to let everyone know that at the moment we are already working on a brand new theme featuring 21 exciting new levels!




Trailer Munch Time

We have released our brand new trailer for Munch Time, check it out now!


Munch Time sent to Apple's QA

Today we released our newest creation: “Munch Time” over to Apple for review.
We’re pretty excited! We’ll release more info pretty soon!


Gamistry's game Sticky wins #AppCircus Rotterdam

By Alex Kentie

Monday 3.27 PM. After sitting it out for at least two hours in the car, of which at least one was spent in a traffic jam very close to our destination, we finally arrive in the nick of time at “De Machinist” in Rotterdam. The city where apparently for some reason traffic lights never turn green.

A couple of days prior to this we were contacted by Peter de Jong from Codeglue with the question if we were interested in presenting our game in a three minute pitch at the AppCircus event in Rotterdam.

More >>


Sticky availible now on the AppStore worldwide!

The wait is over, we present to you: Sticky!

The game is about Sticky, a small living power-source that was created during an experiment by two genius professors, Doctor Bunsen and Globule. Their latest experiment, however, is about to go terribly wrong, pitting Sticky against a terrible enemy. The player controls sticky by flinging Sticky around the level, attacking enemies directly or indirectly.

Key features:

  • 40 unique challenging stages
  • Amazing 2D handpainted graphics
  • Pull sticky surfaces to fling yourself around
  • Fight unique enemies with different powers
  • Transform in different forms and change the way you play
  • 4 bonus survival stages
  • Integrated Chillingo’s Crystal

Our work is not over however, we are currently working on retina support and are constantly on the watch for feedback so we can keep improving Sticky.