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New, Fun, Intuitive! These are some of the keywords that describe our focus when we develop our games. But first and foremost our games should be about fun!

With this in mind we try to develop the most sincere experience, making our games as challenging as possible while maintaining a careful balance between challenge and frustration.
This makes them accessible to a broad audience, without compromising our vision for innovation.

We mainly concentrate on the development of mobile games, but our knowledge and experience enables us to take on diverse types of game development: Advergames, Serious games and even console or PC games.

As a game developer, Gamistry has set itself the goal of making games accessible across multiple platforms.
We believe multi-platform releases can foster a more united game community and experience.

The possibilities are endless!


We primarily use Flash and Unity3D to produce games that push the envelope of visuals and controls, utilizing the engine’s features and expanding upon their functionality to implement our game designs. Because of this, we are able to produce games for iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac OS, Web, XBox 360, Playstation Network and Android.

We have the ability to create beautiful 3D worlds, as well as retro 2D graphical environments and like gameplay. For example: Sticky employs a unique hand painted visual style in a 2D world with backgrounds that create a feeling of great depth to the environment.